Tenders for Industry and Trade

Meanwhile, our information service Euro-Tender Infodienst e.K. has been already in existence since 25 years. As licensee of Publications Office (Offfice for official publications of the european commmunities) we have specialized in supplying brand-new European wide calls for tenders, preinformations, competition results and awarded orders. This is being done daily or weekly meeting exactly your requirements. It's you who assembles the search arguments, and this is why you will get calls for tenders regarding exclusively your business segment.

Therefore we offer the forming of a profile framed to your need which covers your individual company activities and interests. We manage the programming of the access profiles to the data bank. At any time, they can be modified without any additional costs.

The data are being actualized day by day. In case of corres-ponding profiles, the relevant documents will be submitted by e-mail -here also a free of charge short document and up to 3 diverse E-Mail addresses are possible- post either the day of publication or, as an alternative, weekly.

As we are able to supply all EU calls for tenders in a selective way, you do not need anymore to search in a time-consuming manner inside the print media or electronic data carriers! Besides, you also can get tenders from outside of the EU, from private companies and also national tenders from Germany below the EU thresholds!
Thus, you will have these competition informations daily or weekly and in a brand-new form at once on your desk without losing time by 'searching yourself'!

These are our services:

- Over 600,000 calls for tenders of nearly 1 trillion per year worldwide
- National tenders from Germany below the the EU thresholds
- No limit to the search criteria!

- Search also by region possible
- Format: .pdf file
- Individual search profiles - several times - and as often modifiable
- German and / or English version of documents (EU-tender)
- Timely notification by e-mail
- Multiple recipients' addresses and individual search profiles possible
- Also a free of charge short document
- Optionally, individual attachments for each tender document
- As part of a subscription also free single search possible
- Intensive care and assistance of our team

Meanwhile, our customers do appreciate this reliable and comfortable method with respect to receiving informations that comprise European wide public calls for tenders. Many of these customers have been served by us even for years!



  • From 2024, new format for EU tenders (eForms)
  • From now on additional services completely free!